Enable Convenient & Contactless Store Visits for your Customers


Configure Store Opening & Close time and  Number of Visitors per slot

OTP Validation

Ensure Genuine Appointments with OTP Validation


Appointment Confirmation via SMS and QR Code 

Contactless Validator App

An Optional Free Android App for Store Guards to validate appointments on entry

Product Discovery Bot

A chat bot to answer queries regarding Product availability in the store or Covid related queries

Real Time Dashboard

Administrative Backend to make real time changes and download data related to slots, appointments and customer data

Help your customers book Mall visits now!

Schedule a demo to know how you can go live with the Intelligent Appointment Scheduler for your mall with a few simple steps

Adapt to the New Normal

Rich features helping you adapt to the new normal

Drive Store Traffic

Customers are apprehensive about social distancing norms in retail stores. With an Appointment Scheduler ensure customers do not have to wait in queue or worry about crowded store spaces. Even allocate store staff to provide personalized attention to customers

Contactless Discovery

While allowing customers to find the best time to visit your store, also answer Queries on product availability, precautions taken at your store on safety with an AI powered chat bot.

What our customers say


Appointment schedulers helps retail stores allow their customers to pre-book store visits. This helps plan and provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

Considering the current health situation, customers ideally would like to ensure safety while visiting stores. Pre-booked appointments help stores assign limited slots to customers ensuring a social distancing friendly shopping experience. Stores can also pre-assign a sales rep for every customer in lifestyle segments, so that customer receives a personalized shopping experience.

Stores can fix a certain number of time slots and define the number of customers they can service during these slots. This ensures regulation of number of people inside the store at a given time in segments like supermarkets or malls. Whereas in lifestyle stores like apparel or jewellery, appointment schedulers help plan resources required in the store at a given time based on expected number of customers.

Yes, Customers do prefer to book store appointments prior to their visit. This is a new normal and we have seen that customers prefer to schedule the visit and ensure that the store is aware of their visit. This also helps customers have confidence on the safety norms taken by the stores.

DaveAI’s appointment scheduler software is available as a service. Retail brands can select a package that suits their store traffic and pay as per usage.

Appointment scheduler software from DaveAI is available with standard features, which can be implemented by stores in less than 48 hours.

Appointment schedulers are mostly used by two kinds of retail stores.
1) Where a large number of customers visit, for eg - supermarkets, malls, theatres etc.
2) Lifestyle segments like Jewellery, Luxury apparel, Luxury Furniture, Spas etc
where appointments help avoid waiting times for customers and also enable personalized experiences when customers visit the store.

Appointment scheduler software from DaveAI is available with standard features, which can be implemented by stores in less than 48 hours.

DaveAI’s Appointment Scheduler provides an immersive customer experience with the help of a chatbot/voice bot or a virtual avatar with whom customers can converse and obtain real-time product information and info.